Welcome to the PEF.net platform which enables amutot to track and receive their PEF grants more efficiently! Given the ongoing and fluid situation in Israel, PEF will process distributions to support Israel at this time of need with an expedited donation process.

The best way to contact us is via email at info@ pefisrael.org.

Tell your donors! The EASIEST way to donate is to go to our website and click on Donate Now: www.pefisrael.org

Most bill pay systems will allow donors to make a payment via ACH. Have the donor send us an email requesting ACH/wire information. It is MUCH faster and more secure than sending a check.

Please tell your donors to email us at info@pefisrael.org if they’d like to send a wire transfer/ACH or stock donation. We cannot give this information to charities to distribute because then we will receive “mystery” funds and not know where to allocate them- which will delay your receiving the funds. We want to make sure that every charity receives their donations as soon as possible during this critical time. The donors MUST send an email to info@pefisrael.org- otherwise the gifts cannot be processed and the funds will not be credited. 

We can receive checks via the US Postal Service regular or Priority Mail and FedEx or UPS, or other courier deliveries only if they DO NOT require a signature. Since our mail is being forwarded you should expect delays in the processing of check donations.

PEFisrael.net is a password-protected online Dashboard and Ledger for our amutot. Login to view past and current grants and get all the information about your amutah’s account online.

The data on your web account will be updated a few times a week and will include the names of the donors and the amounts donated for each gift you received as well as any notes or guidelines from the donor relating to how the gift should be spent and/or if the gift is in someone’s honor or memory. In addition, the online Ledger will provide information on check donations that have been received, but whose funds had not cleared our bank and were not included in the current distribution.

To get started, follow the instructions you received from us via email. If you’ve already created an account, use the form to your right to login now.