Please EMAIL US at since the NY office is closed due to Covid-19. We’re working online. Expect significant delays in the processing of check donations. We can receive checks via the US Postal Service regular or Priority Mail, but we CANNOT receive FedEx, UPS deliveries or any other courier deliveries. Please have donors email us if they’d like to send a wire transfer. ALL DONORS SENDING WIRE TRANSFER GIFTS MUST SEND US A NOTIFICATION EMAIL- otherwise the gifts cannot be processed. We appreciate your patience and hope you and your families stay well.

Welcome to the platform which enables amutot to track and receive their PEF grants more efficiently! is a password-protected online dashboard and Ledger for each of our amutot. Now, you can log onto to view past and current grants and get all the information about your amutah’s account on our web site which will provide all of this information online.

The data on your web account will be updated once a week when our grants go out, and will include the names of the donors and the amounts donated for each check you received as well as any notes or guidelines from the donor relating to how the grant should be spent and/or if the grant is in someone’s honor or memory. In addition, the online Ledger will provide information on donations that had been received, but whose funds had not cleared our bank and were not included in the current distribution.

To get started, follow the instructions you received from us via email. If you’ve already created an account, use the form to your right to login now.

Once you have access to your online Dashboard and Ledger we suggest that you click on the “Register for Direct Deposit” tab to learn more about direct deposit of shekels into your shekel account using the MASAV (ACH) direct deposit system.  When you register your account, you will be asked to provide the details of your Shekel checking account including account number, name of Bank and preferably an image (.jpg, .tiff or .pdf) of a check.